Here’s what’s new at Ever Accountable

A Product update is a change that’s made to fix a problem, fill a need, or add a cool new feature. Here are some of the things we’ve done lately.

  1. Quick Review

    Accountability Partners, this one’s for you!! Whether you choose to swipe through or use the play/pause function, The Quick Review feature makes viewing reports a breeze. Set the play speed as fast or as slow as you like, tap the play button and view reports the easy way. All items flagged as inappropriate or pornographic will be clearly and boldly highlighted so that, even at the fasted play speed, you can’t miss them. From your Accountability Partner dashboard, hit the reports tab and try Quick Review today!

  2. Android App (Sideload Version)

    Direct download option of the Ever Accountable app for all Android phones and devices.

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  3. Trigger Safety Mode

    It takes a very special kind of person to be an Accountability Partner. They keep us honest, committed and even protect us from ourselves in times of weakness. Trigger Safety Mode protects our protectors.

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  4. Badges

    Here at Ever Accountable, we are all about positive reinforcement. Every victory, however small, is a victory. It needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. The Badges feature was created to do just that.

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  5. Ascend

    Ascend is a four-week-long porn recovery program. Empowered with proven daily action steps, you focus on positive personal growth instead of porn. How you think and feel about yourself matters, because change is hard.

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Our Commitment

We’re here for you through meaningful articles, emails, and guides to keep you on track. Our customer service team promises we’ll give you everything at our disposal to help you quit porn for good.

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