Help with accessibility monitoring.


What is Accessibility?

Your device has a built-in accessibility system that makes it possible for screen reader apps to assist people with impaired vision. These apps access the content of each screen and read it out loud.

Ever Accountable ties into this system, but instead of reading the contents of the screen out loud, it silently monitors and reports the content in weekly emails to your accountability partners. In this way, Ever Accountable is able to monitor many, if not all apps.

How to enable Accessibility

  • Make sure that you have a recent version of Ever Accountable
  • Open Ever Accountable and tap “Enable Accessibility”
  • Tap “I’m Ready”
  • When the settings come up tap “Ever Accountable”. If “Ever Accountable” is grayed out, then tap “Enable Accessibility” first.
  • Tap the “OFF” button in the top-right corner to turn it on. Your phone might warn you that Ever Accountable can monitor personal information such as credit card numbers. Ever Accountable does NOT monitor credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or social security numbers.
  • Tap your back button a few times to get back to Ever Accountable.

What if I don’t Enable Accessibility?

Ever Accountable will still monitor some of your activity even without accessibility being enabled. For instance, it still monitors the apps you use, and it can sometimes tell the websites you visit. However, it cannot monitor many popular apps and web browsers. We highly recommend enabling accessibility for full monitoring.

Will Accessibility Be Disabled When Ever Accountable is Uninstalled?

Yes. Ever Accountable will stop monitoring everything when it is uninstalled. Note that your accountability partners will receive an email after a time that informs them of the uninstallation.