Pricing Plans

Take a look at our simple plans for individuals and families

Most Popular
Only $7.41/month
Only $89/year
  • One Reporting User
  • Unlimited Monitored Devices
  • Unlimited Accountability Partners
  • Text & Email Alerts
Only $9.99/month
Only $119/year
  • For everyone in your household
  • Parent & Child Accounts
  • Unlimited Monitored Devices
  • Unlimited Accountability Partners
  • Text & Email Alerts

Both plans include a host of features, including…

Rock solid accountability
  • Your accountability partner will get a complete picture of what’s happening. Anything inappropriate will be highlighted.
  • Trying to mislead accountability partners through tricks like clearing the browser history simply won’t work.
  • We send instant alerts for any uninstall attempts or viewing blacklisted material.
Freedom to be you
  • Nothing is blocked (unless you turn on optional filtering). Browse as usual, knowing that your accountability partner will receive a report of your activity.
  • No significant battery or cellular data usage!
  • No password protection (except on iOS).
  • You can stop sharing at any time.
Device Compatibility
Feature Android iPhone/iPad Windows Mac ChromeOS Kindle
Internet Accountability
App Monitoring Browser Only
Common Apps
Screenshot Accountability
Freedom to Use Your Device as You Like
Customer Service
Uninstall Alerts After 1 Week

*Supports Safari, Firefox and Chrome on iOS, when the VPN is enabled

Everyone has questions.

We’ll do our best to answer a few of them here.

  • What are the System Requirements?

    Ever Accountable works on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Chromebook and Amazon Fire tablets.

    Here's a list of operating systems we're compatible with:

    • Windows: 8, 8.1 and 10 (Please note, we do not support Windows in S Mode)
    • Mac OS: 10.12 and up (including Sierra and High Sierra).
    • Android: 5.0 and up.
    • iOS: 12 and up.
    • Chromebook: All versions of Chrome OS.
    • Amazon Kindle/Fire: 4.2 and up.
  • What types of plans does Ever Accountable offer?

    Ever Accountable offers two Subscription plan options including an Individual plan and a Family plan. Each plan gives you an option to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • What is a Family Plan and how much does it cost?

    When accountability matters most for your entire household, our Family Plan allows you to thrive.

    For only $12.99 a month, or $119.99 a year, you can add up to 10 family members to your Family Plan. Whether it’s your children, your spouse, or yourself, individual online activity will be monitored and sent to a trusted partner via a detailed report.

    Each family member is set up using their own email address and has the option to pick their own accountability partner so that every member of your family can rest easy knowing that only the person they assign to receive their report will. On top of that, each family member can install Ever Accountable on ALL of their devices.

  • Does Ever Accountable send instant alerts to accountability partners?

    Deactivation alert: This alert is sent when the user intentionally deactivates the app on the device.

    Activation alert: This alert is sent when the app is successfully activated back on the device.

    Blacklisted alert: This alert is sent via email and text when setup properly. This is triggered when a user visited any blacklisted site on the device. (no screen capture available for this report).

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